Jo Sieber Musique

Yeah Man (Jo Sieber)

Say yeah, man, to the raggabeat
Listne to the sound, let your heart have fun
Say yeah, man, to the raggabeat
Yeah man ! Yeah man !


Say yeah, man, listen to the ragga sound
Listen to your heart, listen to your mind
Say Jamaica ! Jamaica !
I want you to feel the pleasure of Africa

Let’s feel the sound, boy, of universal music
The one that gathers people around the rythm
Clap your hands ! Tap your feet !
The sound system is read, let’s start the reggae party


I want you ot have fun, to dance on the floor
The party’s on, and you won’t stay at your door
The notes will take through the sad city
The notes will be guiding you to the reggae party

Hear the music and feel the rythm play
How hell couldn’t you enjoy to stay
Let it run into your body, let it run into your veins
You’ll see, boy, it won’t be in vain


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(photo: Félix Frank)

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