Jo Sieber Musique

Positive (Jo Sieber)

I’ve been dreaming about killing the people
I’ve been dreaming about suiciding me
Does the human deserve to keep it on ?
Isn’t it better to die to be free ?

Every day I can see injustice live
I gave up ’cause there is too much work for me
But if so, why do I still want to leave ?
For years I should’ve wanted death to have me

I gotta live
Because there’s so much things I didn’t do
I gotta keep on being positive

I gotta live
I gotta try, I gotta go high
I gotta keep on being positive

Step by step I dig my way through the jungle
The wild is definitely not in the wood
Everyday I’ll do my best ’till I cry
And even further, but I got to be good

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(photo: Félix Frank)

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