Jo Sieber Musique

One More Star (Jo Sieber)

One more star,
We’ll never see it anymore,
If we keep it on

One more star,
It’ll never happen anymore
Since were getting wrong

You seem so cursed to learn
That we are spoiling Mother Earth
Don’t you open your ears to listen ?

You look so astonished
It seems you never really knew
It’s time for you to hear her cry

We never rally did a lot
Before it became critical, did we ?
And now the sky’s escaping us

We never really did a lot
Before it became critical, oh no
The time have come to save the stars

One more star
Is one more hope I want to give
To all those who suffer at this moment

Giving hope
Needs more than a simple song
It needs heart of yours, of yours


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(photo: Félix Frank)

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