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Music and the Alien Perspective (ang)

I was born in this world where I mostly don’t understand what people do. Nothing makes sense, and my curse was to understand really early that I understand nothing. But there was one thing that I seemed to be good at and to understand better than everything else. And it was music.

Music responded to me in a way that no other human ever did. It was more consistent than everything else. My comprehension of it was natural, instinctive.

Everybody scolded me as a kid because I was short, or black, or an orphan, or whatever dumb reason they could find. And I didn’t understand that at all. Like I never understood a lot of human behaviors. And when I asked, nobody seemed able to explain to me. Not my parents, not the teachers, and certainly not the other children I met. They all seemed pissed off though, like it was a real matter of seriousness. But nobody wanted to explain why to me. Worse than that, they really put efforts in shutting me up.

At the beginning, I wasn’t mad at the people who hurt me, I was puzzled. And I’ve always been ever since. And I think I always will be. And it’s frustrating, because those are simple questions and everybody acts like they were big fat philosophical questions about the universe. I hate that !
I don’t care about the universe, dude ! I’m just trying to understand you, so f*cking answer my goddamn question ! Or tell me you don’t know, but don’t just ignore me like a f*cking b*stard !

If there’s one thing that always made perfect sense to me, it was music. It was clearer than math, clearer than german lessons. And more important, it was clearer than any human being I’ve ever met. By being a musician, I only chose what I understood. I didn’t choose music, music chose me.

I’ve never been a virtuoso, I’ve never been exceptionnally good, but I always felt like I understood perfectly what it was about. And I always felt like it understands me back. I made my peace with the rest of the world thanks to music. When I talk about music with musicians, I’m mostly back on my planet. I feel home. But when I talk about anything else, with the same guys, it’s over ! They’re back on their weird planet with their weird people. And since I’m left alone with my thoughts, I get to be the weird one. Just because there’s more of them and only one of me.

I’m 32 years old, now. I had to understand a lot of things by myself because no one would answer simple questions. Now I can pretty much mold myself to hide in their crowds. But God, I still don’t get a single thing humanity is doing. To me, the entire species looks like a headless chicken running around.


Because of some miraculous white magic, humans managed to bring music in this world. Despite every crazy, illogical, irrational things, they’re doing that. How’s that possible ? I don’t know and I checked : humans don’t know either. They built weapons, made wars for years, engineered all sort of creative ways to kill each others on earth, in water and in the sky, on massive scales… and they still sing and dance. How crazy is that ?

So all of that being said, let me introduce myself to you : I’m Jo Sieber, and I’m an alien. Which means, that whoever you are, right now, I don’t understand you. But I like to learn things, so whoever you are, right now, you can teach me.

I come in peace.

(image: Vladstudio)

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